About us

Virivinda´s consists of mother (Solveig) and daughter (Linda). We got our cattery name approved in march -10 and we got our first choice. When I was a kid my father used to call me Linda Virrivinda and it was my mothers idea to use that for our cattery. I liked it and we were lucky to get it. We primarily focus on breeding exotic shorthairs but it is not impossible that we might keep some persians too. In august -12 our first litter was born. Five lovely little kittens, one persian and four exotic.

My name is Linda Öhman and I live in a little town called Boden, about 930 km north of Stockholm. I share my appartment with two exotics, one persian and a ragdoll. I´ve always liked animals and almost always had them around me, dogs, a guniea pig, rabbits and fishs. I even had some mantis but that was not really my thing. Now I have found my animal and it is cats.
Cat shows are something both me and my mum are very interested in. We usually attend some every year. Unfortunatly we don´t have as many shows up here as in the south of Sweden and the distances are long, but that dosen´t stop us. It´s mostly in the spring and summer time we have the possibility to show our cats.

I am a trained detal technician and worked as that for five years in Gällivare, a small town about 100 km north of the arctic circle. Now I work as a oto tecnician (not sure if that is the correct english name) at Sunderby Sjukhus, I make ear moulds to people who wear hearing aids.

My name is Solveig Öhman and Linda is my daughter. We have a big common interest: cats. 
Ever since I was a child I have had some animals.
Before we had children we had a German Shepherd, Zenta, who was wonderful. Sometimes I belived she knew what I was thinking. When we got Linda she became an exellent "baby sitter". When we were walking in the forrest she always kept an eye on her, if she went to far away Zenta herded her back to us. Zenta got cancer and left us at an age of 8 years.
Except dogs we also had rabbits, a guinea pig, fishs and some other animals.

The family consists of, not only of Linda and her cats, but also my husband Jan and our son Henrik and three exotics (Cookie, Ballerina and Safir). Me and my husband lives in a house in Södra Svartbyn, about 5 km outside Boden. The cats are indoor cats but we have put net around our porch so they can go outside.
I work at a prescool nearby our home. 
In 1995 we bought our first persian cat, Kompis. The kids joke and say that we replaced them with cats when they moved out. This because we got Kompis when Linda left home to study in Umeå and Alfred when it was time for Henrik to study in Umeå